Simone tanda (a.k.a. Sam4Toys) is musician, producer and performer. Ableton Live Certified Trainer. Pro Tools Certified User. Electric Bass degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. He starts playing music teenager, attracted firstly from punk, and then from grunge and rock in general. He studies guitar but plays in a lot of band as a bass player. After the comunication degree, he moves in Rome where specializes with the best italian musicians. Denotes quality as a producer. Start his career in the music field writing soundtracks, jingle, and making post-producion for documentaries. Falls in love of sound design and recording studio. Writes for magazines and works as a freelance producer for TV and radio stations. Electric bass instructor at AMM music school. Is founder of (a music production company). Becomes a dj and remixer. He specializes in the use of live electronics and mostly in the interaction with the band and musicians. Now he lives across Italy and London, where cares installations as a multimedia artist.